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LoveQuiltsUK - Daniel R 2's quilt

Daniel R 2's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:January 2008
Illness: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Theme: Penguins

Date opened: 18th Oct 2017
Date closed: 18th Oct 2017
Deadline: 31st Jan 2018

Photo of Daniel R 2

Child Interests

Daniel loves penguins and computers and his favourite colour is green.


Daniel is a fun, and caring 9 year old boy, who loves computers and penguins.

Daniel was born and taken straight to PICU. On day 2, Daniel was taken for open heart surgery. This took 8 and a half hours. Daniel had to stay on PICU for 3 weeks because his blood gas was not great. At 4 months old Daniel need a another heart surgery, and again at 3 years old. After his heart surgery, he need 2 other surgeries that are not heart related. Over the last few years, Daniel has had some breathing trouble which as of yet 2 different hospitals can not tell what it is. Also, he now has sensory needs and some trouble with his learning.


1.Craftsy cartoon penguin sittingStitcher: Emma Swift, Aberdeen, UK
In Progress

2.Etsy Climbing Goat Design Penguins-silhouette penguin and chick, filled with Antarctic sceneStitcher: Kirsty Smith, Bowburn, UK
In Progress

3.Brittercup designs Penguin familyStitcher: Heather, Littleborough, England

4.Tux the Penguin, from alexstitches Tux the Penguin, sitting and smiling.Stitcher: Jessica, Cambridge, ON, Canada
In Progress

5.Design by Maria Diaz Penguin Fun! A collage of penguinsStitcher: Debbie May, Worthing, West Sussex, UK
In Progress

6.Pirate penguin etsyStitcher: Nicola Dove, Barnsley, UK
In Progress

7.Both patterns from New Zealand Creative Stitch & Craft magazine (now discontinued) Spring 2005 issue.(free downloads) Realistic images of Yellow-eyed penguin & Fiordland Crested Penguin. May also include Little Blue Penguin if needed.Stitcher: Marilyn, Birmingham, UK
In Progress

8.Crosstitcher mag Feb 2008 'Floating island' penguins standing on ice flow.Stitcher: Julie, Portgordon, Scotland
In Progress

9.Jane Netley Mayhew Cross Stitch Animal collection Penguins jumping off ice into seaStitcher: Seren Senior, Derby, UK
In Progress

10.Parent and baby penguinStitcher: Jill Smith, Taunton, England
In Progress

11.Anne’s cross Two penguins ‘talking’ to each otherStitcher: Karen Hockin, Southampton, England
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Elaine Dixon, Athens, Greece
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Daniel R 2's quilt
Stitched by: Heather
Submitted: Oct 2017


Card for Daniel R 2
Stitched by: Emily Baker

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