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LoveQuiltsUK - Elliot E's quilt

Elliot E's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:July 2005
Illness: Lissencephaly

Theme: Music

Date opened: 21st Feb 2018
Date closed: 23rd Feb 2018
Deadline: 27th Jun 2018

Photo of Elliot E

Child Interests

Elliot enjoys listening to a wide variety of music from pop and rock to classical. He also enjoys lights and brightly coloured objects, his favourite colours seem to be red and blue.


When Elliot was born in July 2005 there was no indication that anything was wrong. But in December 2005, he started having seizures and was admitted to the HDU unit of University Hospital of Wales Cardiff, where they carried out several scans and he was then diagnosed with Lissencephaly which translates as smooth brain.

As a result of this diagnosis he suffers from epilepsy, global developmental delay, he is doubly incontinent and tube fed. He is wheelchair bound as he has no control of his movements, I would describe his abilities as those of a newborn however he is the size of a 12 year old.

He has had numerous hospital stays including a number in the HDU ward primarily due to chest infections, but has also had 5 major operations including the insertion of a VNS in order to help control his seizures.

He attends the local special needs school where he has made small, but significant for him, progressions, including using the eye-gaze system (a computer system controlled by eye movement) although he has limited vision. He also enjoys music and the light and dark sensory rooms.

Elliot has an older and younger brother who enjoys spending time with him.


1.White Willow stitching. Tribal music note.Stitcher: Jenny Elkington, Boston, UK
In Progress

2.Stoney Creek Book 78- Love is Music A mandolin near a windowStitcher: Gloria , Sallanches , France
In Progress 2 silhouette figures with coloured musical notes floating between themStitcher: Ginny D, Canterbury, UK
In Progress
climbing goats Colourful Music - notes and treble clef.Stitcher: Ann, Billericay, UK
In Progress

5.Etsy - HallStitch Headphones with rainbow equalizerStitcher: Julie Tavares, B├ęthune, France
In Progress

6.Musical note with smiley face.Stitcher: Ellie, London, UK
In Progress

7.Climbing Goat design Silhouette musical instruments - cello, trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar, clarinet in bluesStitcher: Diana Rawlinson, Uckfield, United Kingdom
In Progress

8.NewYorkNeedleworks. Etsy Guitar silhouette pattrn. Will change colour.Stitcher: Nancy Lowe, Tamworth, UK
In Progress DJ Stitches Treble clef inside a heart with rainbow colored splatters.Stitcher: Patricia, Northern Ireland, UK
In Progress

10.Craftsy Musical note with a star behind itStitcher: Becky Keith, Worksop, UK
In Progress

11.Music notes and head phone design in different coloursStitcher: Louise B, Surrey, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Frank Osborne , San Antonio, Texas, USA
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 21st Feb 2018)

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