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LoveQuiltsUK - Jaxon G's quilt

Jaxon G's quilt    (Quilt Open)

Illness: Leopard Syndrome (PTPN11)

Theme: Vehicles

Date opened: 12th Jun 2019
Deadline: 26th Oct 2019

Photo of Jaxon G

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Theme details

Vehicles - Especially cars

Child Interests

Favourite colour is light blue.
He is interested in cars and tools.


Jaxon was born by caesarean section in 2011. At his 6 week routine check his GP heard a heart murmur and referred him to see a paediatric consultant at Calderdale Royal. At this appointment, only 3 weeks later, we were informed his liver was enlarged and he had heart failure and was admitted. After his echocardiogram he was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where further tests were carried out. He was put on a beta blocker and diuretics.
Fortunately a genetics doctor got involved and suggested testing for a couple of rare conditions that he thought may be responsible for the unusual heart abnormalities found in Jaxon. Thirteen weeks later Jaxon was indeed diagnosed with Leopard Syndrome. Life would never be the same. Thankfully, after a lengthy wait, it was confirmed that none of his sisters or brother have the disease.
He is still closely monitored and we don’t know what the future holds. Jaxon wears hearing aids and at present he is awaiting an operation on his ear. He is due to have an MRI scan next week too. He is such a happy little boy and every day we are thankful that we can make more memories to treasure.

Patterns (4 stitchers needed)   (Sign up here)

1.Cross stitched magazine Mini with Union Jack on the roof Stitcher: Ruth Horn, Co Durham, UK
In Progress

2.Vintage car in shades of blue, own designStitcher: Elizabeth, Shipley, UK
In Progress

3.Bright red mini Cooper from LQUK files by Gemma Harris Bright red mini cooperStitcher: Rebecca, Nantwich, UK
In Progress

4.World of Cross Stitching issue 264 Racing carsStitcher: Kathryn, Wellington , New Zealand
In Progress

5.Cross stitch patterns . Net Blue sports carStitcher: Ann Woods, Crimplesham, England
In Progress

6. Awaiting approval:
Front view of blue VW Campervan with surfboard on roof
Stitcher: Emma Swift, Aberdeen, UK

7. Awaiting approval:
Bothy threads cut thru Ice cream van
Stitcher: Julie Edgcumbe, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK





12.Label Stitcher: Nicola Hargreaves, Barnsley , UK
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 12th Jun 2019)

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