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LoveQuiltsUK - Rory B's quilt

Rory B's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Cystic Fibrosis

Theme: Armed Forces

Date opened: 24th Oct 2020
Date closed: 27th Oct 2020
Deadline: 26th Feb 2021

Photo of Rory B

Theme details

Armed Forces - Especially like army and army vehicles tanks, helicopters, soldiers, artillery, explosions

Child Interests

Rory loves gaming (especially PlayStation 4). He also loves army, tanks, helicopters, soldiers, artillery, explosions.
His favourite colour is blue, especially light blue.


Rory was born 1st January with meconium ileus which is a blocked and perforated bowel. He was operated on 24 hours after birth where some bowel was removed and re-sectioned. Due to this, and genetic testing, Rory was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. He immediately started medications because his pancreas doesn't produce enzymes to break down food. He struggled to gain weight and had multiple bowel blockages in his first year of life.

At age 2 Rory was diagnosed with a pseudonomas lung infection which meant he had to start nebuliser treatments. Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with CF liver disease which needed more medication. Even a common cold can cause life threatening complications for a child with CF.

Rory has regular hospital visits with scans, x-rays, bloods, physio etc. He currently has 32 tablets and 3 nebulisers per day just to stay well. He endures 2-3 hours of physio and medication on a daily basis which increase with illness.

Rory's sensory processing disorder meant he was delayed with speech. He struggles with separation anxiety, wearing clothes and agoraphobia. Due to these struggles he hasn't been able to make any strong friendships with children his own age. He has a very strong attachment to blankets and fabrics so the quilt will bring him comfort and security as he goes through his challenges.


1.Daily cross stitch Army helicopter and planeStitcher: Jodie Balaam, Lawshall, England
In Progress

2.From files by Beth Filmer UK Soldiers in CamoStitcher: Linda Cropper, Atherstone, England
In Progress

3.LQ files Uk soldiers waist length by Beth filmer LQ filesStitcher: C McDonald, Altrincham, UK
In Progress

4.Etsy Matilda MK2 British Tank Stitcher: Angie, Belper, UK
In Progress

5.Etsy Sherman TankStitcher: Sarah, Gosport, UK
In Progress

6.FA-18 Realistic by Beth Filmer On LQ filesStitcher: Paula Dewar, Glasgow, Scotland
In Progress

7.3 Army lads Stitcher: Heather, Littleborough, England
In Progress

8.Own design from photo Apache HelicopterStitcher: Ellie, Leicester, UK
In Progress

9.Army lettering horizontal by Beth Filmer from LQ patterns Word Army 3 timesStitcher: Heather C, London, UK
In Progress

10.Cross stitch daily pattern Three soldiers with guns in silhouetteStitcher: Ruth Horn, Co Durham, UK
In Progress

11.Aqua Boom from Etsy Explosion in shades of blueStitcher: Emily Jones, Swansea, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Audrey, Fife, Scotland
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 24th Oct 2020)

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