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Listing of Patterns in Facebook Group Files

All charts listed here were charted with kind permission of the copyright holders. For LoveQuiltsUK use only.

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Agents of Shield logo

Baby Groot Flower Pot


Black Panther

Black Panther Leaping

Black Widow

Captain America

Captain America

Captain America (shield quote)

Captain America (whole body)

Captain America Breaking Through A Wall

Captain America Close Up

Captain America Close Up - Angry

Captain America Logo

Captain America Shield

Captain American - No Backstitch

Captain Marvel

Chibi Spiderman

Crouching Spiderman

Dash from the Incredibles - running

Deadpool Loves you

Doctor Strange

Falcon Superhero

Flash Logo


Fury Agents of Shield

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

Green Goblin

Green Lantern Logo



Hulk - Fist Through Wall

Hulk Breaking Through A Wall

Hulk Close Up

Hulk Close Up - No Backstitch

Hulk Face Only Close Up

Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash (letters)


I AM GROOT (letters)

Iron Man

Iron Man Waist up with Name Plate

Iron Man Waist Up with Squares Border


Ironman Breaking Through A Wall

IronMan Close Up

Ironman Close Up - No Backstitch

Ironman Hand through a wall

Jack Jack from Incredibles

Nick Fury from the Avengers

Rocket Raccoon in orange jumpsuit

Rocket Racoon Laughing

Spider Gwen Web Shooting


Spiderman 2

Spiderman Breaking Through A Wall

Spiderman Close Up

Spiderman Close Up - No Backstitch

Spiderman Miles Morales

Spiderman Web Swing


Superman Logo

Thanos face with helmet

The Incredibles


Thor Breaking Through A Wall

Thor Close Up

Thor Close Up - No Backstitch

Upside down Spiderman

Violet Head

Wolverine Breaking Through A Wall

Wolverine Close Up - No Backstitch

Wolverine Masked

Black Widow
Incredibles Logo
Shield Logo from Avengers
Thor Close Up - no backstitch
Venom Face
Violet from Incredibles

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