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Squares by Judith Saebel, Adelaide Australia

LQUK would like to pay tribute to Judith who sadly passed away in 2015. The squares that she stitched for the children can be seen below. Thank you, Judith.

For Molly G
(Theme: A colour theme: Yellow)
Submitted: Sep 2014

For Kiera L
(Theme: Princesses and Butterflies)
Submitted: Jun 2014

For Jamie W
(Theme: Birds)
Submitted: Jun 2014

For Bethan G
(Theme: Horses and Music)
Submitted: Mar 2014

For Amy M
(Theme: Hearts)
Submitted: Mar 2014

For Shannon B
(Theme: Cute animals (Emergency Quilt))
Submitted: Mar 2014

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Quilts featuring Judith Saebel's squares

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