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Squares by Becky Keith, Worksop UK

Squares in progress:

1. Dreamy unicorn. White unicorn with hearts on it. for Freya M (Deadline: 26 Sep 2018)
2. Blue steam train for Zach B (Deadline: 26 Sep 2018)
3. Teddy holding a lolly pop for Katielou O (Deadline: 26 Sep 2018)
4. Black blue green patterned butterfly for Keira A (Deadline: 26 Sep 2018)

For Daisy E
(Theme: Princesses / unicorns / castles)
Submitted: Jul 2018

For Thomas S
(Theme: Rainbows and stars)
Submitted: May 2018

For Harley W
(Theme: Cartoons and Emoji faces)
Submitted: May 2018

For Elliot E
(Theme: Music)
Submitted: Apr 2018

For Courtney K
(Theme: Hearts and butterflies)
Submitted: Apr 2018

For Elisha T
(Theme: Hearts)
Submitted: Apr 2018

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Quilts featuring Becky Keith's squares

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