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Squares by Jessica, Cambridge, ON Canada

Squares in progress:

1. Purple and blue unicorns, with a garland of flowers and a few hearts around them. for Calla C (Deadline: 31 Jan 2018)
2. St. Paul's Cathedral with flowers in front of it. for Sadie H (Deadline: 25 Feb 2018)
3. Tigger, full body (walking), in a checkerboard frame. for Benjamin B (Deadline: 25 Feb 2018)
4. Label square, I plan for it to be princess themed with a Japanese influence. Label for Heidi-Lee (Deadline: 27 Apr 2018)
5. A red squirrel on one branch, two owls on another branch; a rabbit, stoat, and badger in the grass. for George W (Deadline: 27 Apr 2018)

For Daniel R 2
(Theme: Penguins)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For William C
(Theme: Space)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For Cerys H
(Theme: Animals (Specific))
Submitted: Oct 2017

For Kia B
(Theme: USA Landmarks)
Submitted: Sep 2017

For Agnes P
(Theme: Stars/moon/planets/ rainbows/weather)
Submitted: Sep 2017

For Bethany K
(Theme: Roses)
Submitted: Jul 2017

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Quilts featuring Jessica's squares

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