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Squares by Jessica, Cambridge, ON Canada

Squares in progress:

1. Square divided in 4 with a number and corresponding fruit pictures in each quadrant (ie, "3" with three cherries) May add alphabet phrase (ie, C is for Cherry) depending on space. for Stevie L (Deadline: 30 May 2017)
2. Label square, rose themed Label for Bethany K (Deadline: 31 Jul 2017)
3. Label Square, featuring NYC skyline (incl. predominant Statue of Liberty) Label for Kia B (Deadline: 31 Aug 2017)
4. Two larger dragons and one small one, looks like a family for Ethan T (Deadline: 31 Aug 2017)

For Savannah-Leigh
(Theme: Unicorns, Mermaids and Fairies)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For Daniel R
(Theme: Monsters)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For River U
(Theme: Fairies Mermaids and Unicorns)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For Alexandra G
(Theme: Wolves, lions, llamas and foxes)
Submitted: Jan 2017

For Keeley B
(Theme: Angels and Fairies)
Submitted: Jan 2017

For Violet G
(Theme: Unicorns, Rainbows and Butterflies)
Submitted: Oct 2016

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Quilts featuring Jessica's squares

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