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Squares by Nicola Dove, Barnsley UK

Squares in progress:

1. The flash for Fenton C (Deadline: 31 Aug 2017)
2. Coral reef fish cross stitch pattern, printable tropical fish, modern ocean chart, blue sea, exotic animals, wildlife, nature, download PDF for Aurelia S (Deadline: 30 Sep 2017)
3. Modern Bumble Bee insect pattern for Calleigh C (Deadline: 30 Oct 2017)
4. George Animal Wolf Pattern for Cerys H (Deadline: 31 Oct 2017)
5. Climbing goat, cat with sunset for Zoe T (Deadline: 31 Oct 2017)

For Harrison V
(Theme: Space)
Submitted: Jun 2017

For Dregan T
(Theme: Harry Potter)
Submitted: Jun 2017

For Charlotte S
(Theme: Horses)
Submitted: Apr 2017

For Lewis T
(Theme: Toy Story)
Submitted: Feb 2017

For Olivia B
(Theme: Tatty Teddy)
Submitted: Feb 2017

For Katy T
(Theme: Unicorns)
Submitted: Jan 2017

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Quilts featuring Nicola Dove's squares

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