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Squares by Stephanie Rose, Bo'ness Scotland

Squares in progress:

1. Football pitch with Newcastle strip for Max B (Deadline: 31 Dec 2017)
2. David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) for Daniel D (Deadline: 31 Jan 2018)

For Wynter-Rose
(Theme: Dragons)
Submitted: Oct 2017

For Dregan T
(Theme: Harry Potter)
Submitted: Jun 2017

For Oliver H
(Theme: Weather/the seasons)
Submitted: May 2017

For Elsie P
(Theme: Sealife)
Submitted: Jan 2017

For Callum P
(Theme: Stars)
Submitted: Jan 2017

For Maria
(Theme: Unicorns and My Little Pony)
Submitted: Sep 2016

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Quilts featuring Stephanie Rose's squares

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