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Squares by Alannah Waters, Ammanford Wales

Squares in progress:

1. 3 evil monkeys - speak no evil hear no evil see no eveil for Caitlin H (Deadline: 25 Feb 2018)
2. Princess jasmine in either blue or lilac for Rebecca-Louise (Deadline: 28 Mar 2018)

For Daisy B
(Theme: Disney Characters)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For Kayleigh R
(Theme: Dogs and puppies)
Submitted: Jun 2016

For Benjamin W
(Theme: Sea Life)
Submitted: Jun 2016

For Ben M
(Theme: Seaside/Sealife)
Submitted: Mar 2016

For Eric F
(Theme: Cartoon characters)
Submitted: Feb 2016

For Scarlett R
(Theme: Disney Princesses and Disney Animals)
Submitted: Feb 2016

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Quilts featuring Alannah Waters's squares

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