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Squares by Katie Lacy, Amersham UK

Squares in progress:

1. Lilac flower. Will add butterflies to enlarge the design for Chloe R (Deadline: 30 Sep 2017)
2. Geometric squares heart. for Ellie C (Deadline: 30 Sep 2017)

For Oliver H
(Theme: Weather/the seasons)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For Willow T
(Theme: Rainbows)
Submitted: Dec 2016

For Emily B
(Theme: Hearts and Butterflies)
Submitted: Dec 2016

For Kaiya-Louise
(Theme: Fairies)
Submitted: Dec 2016

For Brandon B
(Theme: Space)
Submitted: Oct 2016

For Henry W
(Theme: Farm animals)
Submitted: Oct 2016

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Quilts featuring Katie Lacy's squares

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