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Squares by Bekki Young, Sola Norway

Squares in progress:

1. Mermaid sat on a rock in the ocean for Savannah-Leigh (Deadline: 30 Jun 2017)
2. Grown up Simba and Nala from Disney Lion King for Vikki C (Deadline: 31 Jul 2017)
3. Headshot of a brown & white horse and foal. for Sadie K (Deadline: 31 Jul 2017)
4. Princess Leia in her white dress with a pistol. for Calum M (Deadline: 31 Jul 2017)

For Kylan J
(Theme: Superheroes)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For Charlotte M
(Theme: Princesses)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For John G
(Theme: Cars)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For Shawnaleigh W
(Theme: Dogs)
Submitted: Feb 2017

For Any child
(Category: Angels/Fairies)
Submitted: Feb 2017

For Darcie J
(Theme: Dogs and Puppies)
Submitted: Feb 2017

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Quilts featuring Bekki Young's squares

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