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Squares by Shirley, Ipswich UK

Squares in progress:

1. Space shuttle 1981 lunar module 1969 sun and spheres combined for Calum M (Deadline: 31 Jul 2017)
2. London bus for Jason B (Deadline: 30 Aug 2017)
3. Outline heart shape made from small hearts with blue butterfly in the centre.Border of butterflies and flowers for Romilly (Deadline: 30 Aug 2017)
4. for New Application (TBC) (Deadline: 19 Jan 2038)

For Hannah W
(Theme: Purple)
Submitted: Apr 2017

For Logan S
(Theme: Trains)
Submitted: Apr 2017

For Libby O
(Theme: Hearts, Unicorns and Butterflies)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For Daniel M
(Theme: Sealife and Beach)
Submitted: Mar 2017

For Any child
(Category: Cartoons: Non-Disney)
Submitted: Nov 2016

For Hope H
(Theme: Dogs and Puppies)
Submitted: Nov 2016

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Quilts featuring Shirley's squares

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