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Squares by Emma Edwards, Hawkesbury Upton UK

Squares in progress:

1. Outline of horses head for Scarlet W (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
2. Teddy holding rabbit toy and blue hart balloon. for Leah-Marie (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
3. Dog in heart for Martha-Rose (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
4. Tigger flying kite for Koda Q (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
5. Eeyore holding umbrella for Peter M (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
6. Flamingo standing on one leg for Josselin T (Deadline: 26 Aug 2020) *Awaiting approval
7. Green tractor for Reece M (Deadline: 26 Aug 2020) *Awaiting approval

For Keaton W
(Theme: Space)
Submitted: Mar 2020

For Kai John W
(Theme: Male Disney Characters and Paw Patrol)
Submitted: Mar 2020

For McKenzie B
(Theme: Sea Life/Pirates)
Submitted: Mar 2020

For Freddie M
(Theme: Disney characters)
Submitted: Mar 2020

For Olivia
(Theme: Animals)
Submitted: Feb 2020

For Jessie G
(Theme: Winnie the Pooh and Friends)
Submitted: Feb 2020

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Quilts featuring Emma Edwards's squares

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