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Squares by Karen Burton, Peterborough UK

Squares in progress:

1. Rapunzel by Harriet Morrison in LQUK files for Halle D (Deadline: 26 Apr 2020)
2. Toy Story Alien by Deborah Clarke in LQUK files for Oliver W (Deadline: 26 Apr 2020)
3. Sydney Australia Modern City by Xrestyk on Etsy for Luc T (Deadline: 26 May 2020)
4. Mrs Potato Head from LQUK files for Hannah R (Deadline: 26 May 2020)
5. Stitch face by Gemma in LQUK files for Lydia G (Deadline: 26 Jun 2020)
6. Thomas, James and Percy from More Storybook Cross-stitch book, page 112 for James M (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
7. Scar from The Lion King - LQUK files for Koda Q (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
8. Squirt from Finding Nemo - LQUK files for Martha-Rose (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)

For Amber P
(Theme: Music, seals/sea lions, koalas and art items)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Maci W
(Theme: Unicorns and llamas)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Naomi W
(Theme: Disney Characters)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Jayden G
(Theme: Sports and Superheroes)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Aniello D
(Theme: Vehicles)
Submitted: Nov 2019

For Charlie G
(Theme: Vehicles)
Submitted: Nov 2019

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Quilts featuring Karen Burton's squares

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