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Squares by Ruth Horn, Co Durham UK

Squares in progress:

1. Foxes head sideways on for Fraser H (Deadline: 26 Jan 2022)
2. Horse with daisies for Makayla N (Deadline: 29 Jan 2022)
3. Sisu the dragon for Oliver-Daniel (Deadline: 24 Feb 2022)
4. Picture of dandelion blowing hearts as seeds with motivational quote “ be your own kind of beautiful” for Sophie B (Deadline: 26 Feb 2022)
5. Snooker picture - table balls cue etc for Jake M (Deadline: 26 Feb 2022)

For Isla C
(Theme: Specific characters)
Uploaded: 29th Sep 2021

For Mason A
(Theme: Rockets and space)
Uploaded: 29th Sep 2021

For Freddie S
(Theme: Mr Tumble)
Uploaded: 29th Sep 2021

For Jonah C
(Theme: Mr Tumble)
Uploaded: 20th Sep 2021

For Lucy L
(Theme: Disney Princesses and Castles)
Uploaded: 5th Sep 2021

For Nerissa
(Theme: Giraffe/swan/puppies/fairies/dragonflies)
Uploaded: 5th Sep 2021

For Dade H
(Theme: Vehicles)
Uploaded: 20th Jun 2021

For Liam M
(Theme: Various)
Uploaded: 20th Jun 2021

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Quilts featuring Ruth Horn's squares

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