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LoveQuiltsUK - Donations


There are many ways you can donate to help us!

Help with quilt costs
It costs approximately £35 to make up each quilt and post it to the child. This is a conservative estimate and does not include activities such as laundering fabric/finished quilt. If you would like to help towards the cost of the quilts and for postage, you may do so in the following ways:

* Cash donations - Please enclose a £1 coin (or more!) with your square.

* Cheques - Please make payable to "LoveQuiltsUK"

* Paypal - You can also donate using Paypal - this is particularly useful for our International contributors.

- Go to
- Click on "For Friends and Family"

* Gift Aid
We are a registered charity and as such we are able to claim Gift Aid (an extra 25%) on donations from UK Income Tax payers. Gift Aid only requires the donator to complete a form with their name and address, which is then valid for all donations received now or in the future. Please contact us via email for more information on this. Our Gift Aid form is here.

* We are registered with Easyfundraising for "cashback" to LQUK when shopping online. Please see here for further details: Select "Love Quilts UK" (with spaces) from the drop-down menu.

* Amazon Smile We are registered with Amazon Smile for donations to LQUK when shopping on Amazon. Please see here for further details:

Please go to when you start shopping (rather than

* Fabric donations
We no longer request fabric donations as we did in the past. There are many reasons for this - LQUK has grown, and there is limited storage space at Katherine and Gaynor's houses. Some fabric we have been sent in the past has been unsuitable (eg too small/wrong blend/difficult to match to theme of child's quilt). We can also make funds go much further by buying directly from the USA or from wholesalers in the UK.

Although it can seem impersonal to send money, it can actually be more personal, as it allows us to purchase material tailored to the child's theme/interests. We thank everyone who has contributed by donating fabric in the past.

* Aida/Threads etc
If you know of anyone who has any unwanted aida or threads, we will be happy to take them and distribute to any of our stitchers who would use them to stitch squares for us

* Fundraising events - if you are holding a fundraising event, we have some leaflets that you can print out. Please download them here (pdf format:)

A4 leaflet   A5 leaflet

Many thanks!

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