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Squares by Jackie, York England

Squares in progress:

1. Jedi Master Yoda from Love Quilts files for Hayden H (Deadline: 29 Dec 2022)
2. Mickey and friends 3D 27 colours - from LoveQuilts files for Oliver J (Deadline: 26 Mar 2023)

For Owain R
(Theme: Sealife)
Uploaded: 28th Sep 2022

For Jaxson C
(Theme: Farm and Zoo Animals)
Uploaded: 24th Jul 2022

For Kian J
(Theme: Mickey Mouse)
Uploaded: 24th Jun 2022

For Myles H
(Theme: Wild Animals/Lion King)
Uploaded: 25th Mar 2022

For Eden
(Theme: Dogs)
Uploaded: 25th Mar 2022

For Vinnie M
(Theme: Animals-wild/jungle)
Uploaded: 8th Jan 2022

For Freddie S
(Theme: Mr Tumble)
Uploaded: 28th Nov 2021

For Annabelle W
(Theme: Horses (realistic))
Uploaded: 29th Sep 2021

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Quilts featuring Jackie's squares

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