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LoveQuiltsUK - Henry S's quilt

Henry S's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:May 2015
Illness: HIE, cerebral palsy

Theme: Monsters

Date opened: 29th Sep 2018
Date closed: 30th Sep 2018
Deadline: 26th Jan 2019

Photo of Henry S

Child Interests

Bright colours no colour in particular.

Henry loves cartoons and being outdoors!


At birth Henry was deprived of oxygen which has resulted in severe brain injury. He is immobile and has limited sight but that doesn't stop him enjoying life! He loves watching cartoons with his big sister Eva and little sister Alice. He likes going over bumps in his wheelchair and has the most beautiful smile. He has gone through, and continues to go through challenges but everyday we live for the moment. Thank you for this gift it means so much. We have had many strangers on this journey support us in so many ways, so thank you all!!!


1.MonstersStitcher: Katie Smith, London, UK
In Progress

2.Lickity Stitch Monster X Lickity Stitch Monster X Stitcher: Heather, Littleborough, England
In Progress

3.Lickity Stitch Monster Alpabet H. Although it just looks like a cute monster.Stitcher: Leanda Vickers, Oldham , England
In Progress

4.Ann Logan Cross stitch patterns Listed as purple alien on Ann Logan cross stitch patterns but works well as a monster as on Louie B’sStitcher: Sandra, Shefford, England
In Progress

5.Etsy Lab Pattern Funny Green monsterStitcher: Jenny, Rushden, UK
In Progress

6.Taken from Cross stitch Crazy magazine Colourful monsters taken from cross stitch magazines. Will do in bright colours.Stitcher: Karen Stephenson, Cambridgeshire, UK
In Progress

7.'Little Monsters' CrossStitcher 230 October 2010 Lots of little monstersStitcher: Jennifer Urquhart, Glasgow, Scotland
In Progress

8.\'sulley\' from monsters inc.crosstitcher mag 2002Stitcher: Julie, Portgordon, Scotland
In Progress

9.Etsy A monster with lots of legsStitcher: Becky Keith, Worksop, UK
In Progress

10.Pin interest Mike from monsters incStitcher: Jane Ashley, Milnrow, England
In Progress

11.Crosssticher magazine April 2011 Little rascals 4 more more monsters with multi limbs and eyes for small childrenStitcher: Kay, Southminster, Essex, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Jan, Hull, UK
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 29th Sep 2018)

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