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LoveQuiltsUK - Scarlett M's quilt

Scarlett M's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Autism

Theme: Jungle animals

Date opened: 18th Nov 2020
Date closed: 23rd Nov 2020
Deadline: 26th Mar 2021

Photo of Scarlett M

Theme details

Jungle animals - Favourites are Lions, Hippos, Tigers. Also llamas

Child Interests

Scarlett adores lions, rainbows, llamas, space and stars as well as Harry Potter

Her favourite colour is orange or yellow


Scarlett was born during a very wet week in July. Once she’d made up her mind she wasn’t hanging around, joining us 90 mins after labour started.

At just 8 months old Scarlett was severely scalded across her stomach and legs at a cafe when out with family. After 2 stays at a burns unit, surgeries and skin grafts she came home and life began again. However she was left with medicine phobia and to this day is still unable to take medication orally. This means every fever or infection is treated on the day ward or children’s unit at the hospital.

When Scarlett started school we noticed she still had bowel problems, anxiety and struggled to understand the world around her. By year 2 school had begun extra support and in year 3 senco and her class teacher made the decision to refer her to community Paeds. 4 months later after a whirlwind of assessments our beautiful girl was officially diagnosed with Autism, anxiety disorder, sensory difficulties & memory processing difficulties. The support she received at primary was above and beyond.

Sadly her diet was still extremely restricted & secondary school brought more anxiety and self harm started in the form of biting and hitting herself. With the help of her care team and education welfare she was referred to a wonderful special needs unit. Over the last year Scarlett has thrived there, they have a nurturing & caring approach. She is finally able to access education and enjoy it. Earlier this year she was finally diagnosed with oral aversion and Arfids. She is under the care of her dietician for this and is awaiting OT input as well as more physio for her continued joint pain and fatigue.

Scarlett is affectionately know by everyone as Miss Scarlett. She really is one of a kind and sees such beauty in the simplest of things. She gets joy from seeing a rainbow or dancing in the rain


1.Moongazer by Bothy Thread (tigers face)Stitcher: Val Gilbert, Coningsby , UK
In Progress

2.Cross stitcher magazine, June 2018, 'Llama Drama' will slightly amend to fit square size Llamas in different positions Stitcher: Claire Pink, Loughborough , UK
In Progress

3.Tiger face Janlynn wildlife seriesStitcher: Julie Edgcumbe, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
In Progress

4.Etsy. Hmcross stitch. Lion cross stitch Lions headStitcher: Bethea Bradley, Bangor, Northern Ireland
In Progress

5.Llama pattern by StitchingLand on Etsy Yellow llama against a mountain backgroundStitcher: Karen Stephenson, Cambridgeshire, UK
In Progress

6.Climbing Goat Designs Parrot/Macaw in flightStitcher: Deborah Found-Bloodworth, Uxbridge, Middx, UK
In Progress

7.Endangered young'uns TigersStitcher: Leanne Malcolmson, Romsey, UK
In Progress

8.StitchingLand hippo headStitcher: Grace Bowles, Southampton , UK
In Progress

9.Animal Magic CrossStitcher magazine issue 256 Designs by Lucie Heaton Geometric ElephantStitcher: Kathryn, Wellington , New Zealand
In Progress

10.Endangered Young'uns Lions cubsStitcher: Pippa, Surrey, UK
In Progress

11.Climbing Goat Designs Rhinoceros silhouette with African sunset infillStitcher: Jane Ashley, Littleborough, UK
In Progress

12.Label Stitcher: Jenny Elkington, Boston, UK
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 18th Nov 2020)


Card for Scarlett M
Stitched by: Nicola Bailey

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