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Listing of Patterns in Facebook Group Files

All charts listed here were charted with kind permission of the copyright holders. For LoveQuiltsUK use only.

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1960s Cars
4 Princess Portraits
A Beautiful Princess Sleeps Here
Acoustic and electric guitar
Agents of Shield logo
AH-64 Apache Helicopter - V5 one page true colours
    AH-64 Apache Helicopter - V6 one page false colours
Anna - Small
Anna from Sisters Forever - 12 snowflakes
Anna in oval frame
Anna in random snowflakes
Anna in Snowflakes border
Anna small in snowflakes
Anna with 10 snowflakes
Anna with Castle in Heart
Antonio from Encanto
Ariel and Eric happily ever after
Ariel in a Clam Shell (Complex)
Ariel in a Clam Shell (Simpler)
Ariel Small
    Ariel Small
Ariel with Castle in Heart
    Arlo and Spot
Army Lettering Horizontal
    Army Lettering Vertical
Articulated Lorry with Complex Backstitch
Articulated Lorry with Simpler Backstitch
Aston Martin
Astronaut with Union Jack
Audi R8
Aunt Polly
Aunty Polly in a Star
Aurora in Castle with Heart
Baby Groot Flower Pot
Baby Moana
    Baby TukTuk - Raya and the Last Dragon
Bad Badtz-Maru from Hello Kitty
Baker Tumble in a Star
Beast (Disney)
Beauty and the Beast and friends
Beauty and the Beast Rose Cross Stitch Design
Belfast Giants Ice hockey
Belle and Adam happily ever after
Belle with Castle in Heart
Beymax from Big Hero 6
    Bing Bong Crying
Bing Bong from Inside Out
Black Panther
Black Panther Leaping
    Black Widow
Black Widow
Blue Fairy
    Blue Mermaid
Blue Scottish Train
    Bluey Waving
Bo from Toy Story
    Boba Fett
    Bruni from Frozen 2
Bruno from Encanto
Bugatti Chiron
Bullseye from Toy Story
Bullseye from Toy Story
Butterfly Sugar Skull
Buzz Bee chart
Buzz Lightyear chart
    C3PO Head 3 shades
C3PO Head 6 shades
C3PO Head Whole Stitches
Captain America
Captain America
Captain America (shield quote)
Captain America (whole body)
Captain America Breaking Through A Wall
Captain America Close Up
Captain America Close Up - Angry
Captain America Logo
Captain America Shield
Captain American - No Backstitch
Captain Hook
Captain Marvel
Car - Holden Monaro (3 shades)
Car - Holden Monaro (6 shades)
Cars - 6 various
Cartoon Spaceship
Cartoon Spaceship
Celtic Knotwork Heart
Cement Truck
Chef Tumble in a Star
Chewbacca in a circle
Chibi Anna in Winter Cloak
Chibi Elsa
Chibi Spiderman
Cinderella and the Prince
Cinderella and the Prince (shaded)
Cinderella Happily Ever After
Cinderella with Castle in Heart
Circle of Roses
Crouching Spiderman
    Cruella de Vil
Cute Golden Unicorn
Daisy Duck - head
Dalek - Blue
Dalek - Red
Dalek - Yellow
Dance Ride Swim Chase
Dark Pink Fairy
Darth Vader
Darth Vader in a circle
Dash from the Incredibles - running
Deadpool Loves you
Disney Emojis - Aladdin
Disney Emojis - Animal friends
Disney Emojis - Lion King
Disney Emojis - Monsters Inc
Djali from Hunchback of Notre Dame
Doctor Strange
Dolly from Toy Story 4
Donald Duck resting on his name
Donald Duck walking
Donald Duck with a surfboard
Dory Just Keep Swimming
Ducky and Bunny from Toy Story 4
Dusty and Skipper from Planes
Dyson Small Ball Animal 2
    Earth Giant from Frozen 2
Ed Hyena from Lion King
    Elsa - Small
Elsa - The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
Elsa and Anna Sisters Forever
Elsa and the Nokk
Elsa from Sisters Forever 12 Snowflakes
Elsa in Oval Frame (Complex)
Elsa in Oval Frame (Simpler)
Elsa in Oval Simplest
Elsa in random Snowflakes
Elsa in Snowflake Border
    Elsa Let It Go
Elsa Waist Length with Backstitched Snowflakes
Elsa Waist Length with Simple Snowflakes
Elsa with Palace in Heart
Elsa with Snowflakes
Emperor from Star Wars
Esmerelda dancing
Eve from Pixars WallE
Everton Sayings
    Evil Queen from Snow White no Facial Features V1
Evil Queen from Snow White with Facial Features V2
Fairy Godmother
Fairy in a heart
Fairy with quote
Falcon Superhero
Ferrari Testarossa
Fire Engine No BackStitch
Fire Exit Chart Motif
Flash Logo
Football in 2 Hearts
Football Pitch
    Football Pitch
Football with horizontal tricolour flag
Football with vertical tricolour flag
Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger White Version
Forky from Toy Story 4
    Fortnite logo
Frozen 2
Fury Agents of Shield
    Gale from Frozen 2
Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy
Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
General Grievous
Grandad Tumble 2
Grandad Tumble in a Star
Grandma Tala from Moana
    Great Wall of China
    Green Dragon with Nebulizer
Green Fairy
    Green Frog
Green Goblin
Green Lantern Logo
Green tram
Gruffalo close up in green circle
Gruffalo in circle
Gruffalo’s Child
    Guide to Cross Stitching
Hades from Hercules
    Hair and Skin Conversion
Han Solo
Hank from Finding Dory
    Hatchling Dragon
Heart Filled with Flowers
Hei Hei from Moana
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty and Friends 2
Hello Kitty and Friends in Circle 1
Hello Kitty Mermaid
Henry Hetty
Henry Hoover Names
Henry the Hoover and Friends
    Henry the Hoover Card
Hip Hip Hooray for Superworm
Hot Air Balloon
Hulk - Fist Through Wall
Hulk Breaking Through A Wall
Hulk Close Up
Hulk Close Up - No Backstitch
Hulk Face Only Close Up
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash (letters)
I AM GROOT (letters)
I can sing a rainbow
Igglepiggle with blanket no backstitch
    Incredibles Logo
Iron Man
Iron Man Waist up with Name Plate
Iron Man Waist Up with Squares Border
Ironman Breaking Through A Wall
IronMan Close Up
Ironman Close Up - No Backstitch
Ironman Hand through a wall
    Isabella and
Isabella and flowers from Encanto
Jack Jack from Incredibles
Jafar from Aladdin
Jaguar E-type
James Hoover
Jasmine (small)
Jedi Master Yoda
    Jensen Interceptor Mk2
Jessie Toy Story
Joy from Inside Out
Judy Hops from Zootopia
Karate - Be Bold Be Brave Be You
    Kim Possible
Kristoff with Name
Kristoff with ten snowflakes
Lifeboat Chart
Lightning McQueen
Lilac Fairy
Little Dragon Heart
Liverpool Sayings
London Underground 1992 Stock Train
London Underground Lines in Colours
London Underground Map SB Acton Snippet
London Underground Map Vic London Bridge
London Underground Overground
London Underground S7 Train
Lord Tumble in a Star
Lots-o-hugging Bear from Toy Story
Lotus 7
Luisa from Encanto
    Maleficent Card Design
Maleficent Portrait Cartoon
March of the Cybermen
Mater from Cars
Maui from Moana
Mclaren 570s
Merida in Action
Merida in Oval Frame
Merida Tapestry
Merida with Bow
Merida with Braided Frame
Merida with Stone Circle in a Heart
Mickey - Bed
Mickey - Candyfloss
Mickey - Frog
Mickey - Rain
Mickey and friends 3D 27 colours
Mickey and Minnie as diver and mermaid
Mickey and Pluto
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse in Space
Military Plane FA-18 Realistic
Military Plane FA-18 with camoflage
Mini Cooper
Minnie - Fairy
Minnie Mouse 3D 19 colours
Minnie Mouse in flower
Minnie Mouse on the beach
Mirabel from Encanto no backstitch
Mirabel from Encanto no backstitch
Mirabel on a swing Complex
    Mirabel on a swing Simpler
    Mirror Mirror
Moana at Sunset (Complex)
    Moana at Sunset (Intermediate)
Moana at Sunset (Simpler)
Moana in Oval Border (Complex)
Moana in Oval Border (Intermediate)
    Moana in Oval Border (Simpler)
Moana on a Beach in a Heart
Modern Hydroflex Train
Monkey Puzzle Tree
    Monkey Puzzle Tree Branch Close Up
Monkey Puzzle Tree Fact Page
Monkey Puzzle Tree Silhouette
Monkey Puzzle Tree Silhouette at Sunset
Monster Truck
Monster truck crushing
    Monster truck front on no backstitch
    Monster truck front on two spotlights
    Monster Truck Outline
    Monster truck three lights backstitch
Moon and planets charts
Mouse from the Gruffalo
Mr Potato Head from Toy Story
Mr Tumble
Mr Tumble - Tumble Tapp
Mr Tumble Shine Star Song
Mr Tumble Star Badge
Mr Tumble Thumbs Up
Mr Tumble Trumpet
Mr Tumble Waistcoats and Shirts
Mr Tumble Waving
Mr Tumble with Balloons
Mr Tumble's Bow Tie
Mr Tumble's Spotty Bag
Mrs Potato Head
Mrs Potts and Chip
Mufasa from Lion King
Mulan in Fighting Pose - Complex
    Mulan in Fighting Pose - Simpler
Mulan in Oval Frame
Mulan with Cherry Blossom
Mulan with Flower Quote
My Melody from Hello Kitty
Nala from the Lion King
    NASA Logo Black and White
NASA Logo Colour
Nick Fury from the Avengers
Nokk from Frozen 2
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas
Our Sun
    Our Sun (Black and White)
    Our Sun (Colour)
Pale Pink Fairy
Pastel Unicorn
    Paw Pilot from Secret Agent Oso
    Peckle from Hello Kitty
People Mover Vehicle
Pink Fairy
Pocahontas - small
Police Motorcycle
Porsche 911
Princess Aurora
Princess Jasmine no backstitch
Princess Leia
Princess Minnie
Princess Portrait Anna Frozen
Princess Portrait Ariel
Princess Portrait Aurora
Princess Portrait Belle
Princess Portrait Cinderella
Princess Portrait Elsa
Princess Portrait Rapunzel
Princess Portrait Snow White
Princess Sofia
Pua and Heihei from Moana
Puma from Moana
Pumbaa from Lion King
Purple Dragon with Nebulizer
Purple Fairy
R2D2 in a circle
Rafiki from Lion King
Rainbow and Stars
Rainbow Cat
Rainbow double decker bus
Rainbow Fairy
Rainbow heart
Rainbow out of clouds
Rainbow over rooftops
    Rainbow Prism
    Rainbow Richard of York
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow with clouds, sun and rain
Rainbow with white heart
Rainbow zigzag
Rapunzel from Tangled
Rapunzel in Oval Border (Complex)
    Rapunzel in Oval Border (Simpler)
Rapunzel Small
Rapunzel with Lanterns (Complex)
Rapunzel with Lanterns (Simpler)
Rapunzel with Tower in Heart
Red blue and yellow parrot
Red Bus
Rex - Toy Story
Ribbon Badge - Neurofibromatosis
    Road Signs
Rocket Raccoon in orange jumpsuit
Rocket Racoon Laughing
Rocket Ship Chart
Room on the Broom
    Sadness from Inside Out
Sally Carrera
Sarabi from the Lion King
Scar from the Lion King
Seahorse Pair
Shepherds Bush Station
Shepherds Bush Underground Sign
    Shield Logo from Avengers
Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon
    Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon - No backstitch
Sleeping Beauty - small
Sleeping Beauty happily ever after
Slinky Dog
Snail and whale
Snow White
Snow White - small
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Snow White happily ever after
Snow White in Oval Frame - Complex
Snow White in Oval Frame - Simpler
Snow White with border
Snow White with Castle in Heart
Solar System
Solar System
Sophia the First
Space Count Down
Space motifs
Spaceman Chart
Spaceship blasting off
    Spaceship blasting off
Special Agent Oso
Spider Gwen Web Shooting
Spiderman 2
Spiderman Breaking Through A Wall
Spiderman Close Up
Spiderman Close Up - No Backstitch
Spiderman Miles Morales
Spiderman Web Swing
Spring Wreath
Squirt from Finding Nemo
    Star Wars Character Series
Star Wars Logo
Stegosaurus Baby
Stitch Face from Lilo and Stitch
Stitch from Lilo and Stitch Eating Ice Cream
Stripey Pink Zebra
Superman Logo
Sven and Olaf from Frozen
Tardis from Dr Who
TARDIS in Space
Tartan Heart
Tesla Roadster
Thanos face with helmet
The Child Baby Yoda Version 2
    The Child Baby Yoda with Frog Snack v1
The Highway Rat
The Incredibles
The Tombliboo
Thor Breaking Through A Wall
Thor Close Up
Thor Close Up - No Backstitch
    Thor Close Up - no backstitch
Tiana from Princess and the Frog
Tiana with Mansion in Heart
Time and Relative Dimensions in Space
Timon from Lion King
    Tower Bridge, London
Toy Story Alien
Toy Story Alien
Toy Story Logo
Toy Story logo in frame
Toy Story Woody and Buzz
Toy Unicorn
Train - British Rail Class 377
Train - British Rail Class 378
Trains - modern (red and yellow)
Tube Lines
UK Ambulance
UK Fire Engine No Backstitch
UK Police Car
UK Soldiers in camo
UK Soldiers in camo to waist
    Uluru - Ayers Rock
Underground Train - Front Profile
Unicorn Meadows
Up House
Upside down Spiderman
Upsy Daisy with daisies - no backstitch
US Police Car
Vacuum and Mirror Image
Vanellope von Schweetz
Vanellope von Schweetz
    Venom Face
    Violet from Incredibles
Violet Head
    Wake Up and Be Awesome
WallE Facing Right
WallE Rubix Chart and Legend
Wolverine Breaking Through A Wall
Wolverine Close Up - No Backstitch
Wolverine Masked
Wreck It Ralph
Wreck it Ralph game logo
Yellow Digger
Yellow fairy
Young Anna and Elsa
Young Simba
Zazu from Lion King
Zog flying
Zog Standing

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