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Squares by Emma, Bedford UK

Squares in progress:

1. Climbing Goat Designs: Toy train for Massine K (Deadline: 26 Feb 2020)
2. Climbing Goat Designs: space star pattern (astronaut version) for Jack C (Deadline: 26 Feb 2020)
3. Etsy - blue dinosaur landscape for Tommy P (Deadline: 26 Mar 2020)
4. Leisure Arts Cross Stitch - Mickey head with green and red M in the background for Naomi W (Deadline: 26 Mar 2020)
5. Unicorn by GreenTerrace on Etsy for Maci W (Deadline: 26 Mar 2020)

For Flo M
(Theme: Princesses)
Submitted: Nov 2019

For Morgan L
(Theme: Vehicles)
Submitted: Nov 2019

For Jack D
(Theme: Superheroes)
Submitted: Nov 2019

For Tayler C
(Theme: Foxes)
Submitted: Oct 2019

For Daniel O
(Theme: Superheroes)
Submitted: Jan 2017

For Morgan S
(Theme: Space)
Submitted: Dec 2016

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Quilts featuring Emma's squares

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