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Squares by Katie, York England

Squares in progress:

1. Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends for Charlie S (Deadline: 27 Jul 2018)
2. Postman Pat with Jess in postal trolley for Harrison G (Deadline: 27 Jul 2018)
3. 2 Dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus for Luke B (Deadline: 27 Aug 2018)
4. Batman & Robin 'bursting through' for Sean Jack (Deadline: 26 Sep 2018)
5. Baby penguin with swirly/wintery pattern on front (x2 in different colours to make the right size) for Taya H (Deadline: 26 Oct 2018)

For Any child
(Category: Unicorns)
Submitted: May 2018

For Alexander
(Theme: Superheroes)
Submitted: May 2018

For Any child
(Category: Space)
Submitted: May 2018

For Leia A
(Theme: Superheroes)
Submitted: May 2018

For Ryley M
(Theme: Fairies and Unicorns)
Submitted: Apr 2018

For Chanel M
(Theme: Princesses and Female Disney Characters)
Submitted: Apr 2018

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This stitcher is also a quilter.
Quilts made by Katie are here.
Quilts featuring Katie's squares

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