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Squares by Gill, Taunton UK

Squares in progress:

1. Stitch face from Lilo and Stitch for Harry B (Deadline: 26 Jan 2022)

For Isabel B
(Theme: Rainbows)
Uploaded: 29th Sep 2021

For Olivia S
(Theme: Disney Princesses)
Uploaded: 26th May 2021

For Esmae M
(Theme: Dinosaurs, unicorns and others)
Uploaded: 7th Nov 2020

For Logan M
(Theme: Football and Union Jack flags)
Uploaded: 7th Nov 2020

For Jayden A
(Theme: Male Disney Characters)
Uploaded: 21st Jun 2020

For Kian S
(Theme: Superheroes)
Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2019

For Ella-Mae
(Theme: Hearts)
Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2019

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Quilts featuring Gill's squares

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