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Squares by Becky McLinn, Ulverston UK

Squares in progress:

1. Fairy door in tree with bugs and toadstools. for Ruby H (Deadline: 26 Jul 2019)

For Jessica F
(Theme: Horses and Unicorns)
Submitted: Oct 2017

For Cameron W
(Theme: Sports)
Submitted: Oct 2017

For Alex A
(Theme: Teddy bears (blue))
Submitted: Feb 2016

For Cameron P
(Theme: Teddies/Angry Birds/Postman Pat)
Submitted: Aug 2015

For Connie P
(Theme: Rainbows)
Submitted: Aug 2015

For Toby N
(Theme: Pooh and friends (Emergency Quilt))
Submitted: Aug 2015

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Quilts featuring Becky McLinn's squares

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