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LoveQuiltsUK - Rudy S's quilt

Rudy S's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Illness: Dravet Syndrome

Theme: Horses

Date opened: 4th Nov 2017
Date closed: 9th Nov 2017
Deadline: 28th Feb 2018

Photo of Rudy S

Child Interests

Rudy loves yellow, green and blue and enjoys horseriding, cats and going walking on a tandem and swimming.


Rudy has had seizures since 10 weeks old typically lasting half an hour and about 12 lasting an hour and a half, regular emergency hospital administrations with ivns in his head, legs, neck anywhere they can get a lead in.

Rudy struggles with change in the weather as this causes more seizures along with any extreme emotions, excitement, tiredness etc.. and the onset of illness will produce more seizures. He has a lovely temperment despite all the trauma he has been through and loves to be outdoors and seeing friends going walking, on a bike that would be the back of a tandem as Rudy's motor skills and learning difficulties prohibit him from being able to do this alone along with the absence of awareness of danger. Rudy needs 24 hour care due to the complexities of his condition and arrangements have to be changed regularly depending on hos he is i.e. too tired/seizures/weather conditions.


1.Pattern called "End of the Trail" from "Native American Cross Stitch". A Native American brave on his horse.Stitcher: Sue Torode, Farnborough, UK
In Progress

2.Lets Gallop chart by Ursula Michael Horse words sampler in the shape of a horses head. I'd stitch in shades of blue and green (and maybe deep yellow if the colour stands out enough)Stitcher: Helen Irwin, Hull, UK
In Progress

3.Climbing goats New forest ponyStitcher: Heather Joyce, Sandiacre, UK
In Progress

4.Wild Horses by Mary Ellen Yanich Horse at full gallopStitcher: Linda Cropper, Atherstone, England
In Progress

5.Travel the World in Cross Stitch by Lesley Teare Various horses from around the world Stitcher: Sarah, Southampton, UK
In Progress

6.Tribal Horse, digital download from Cross Stitch Wonders, original artwork by Sugarbear Horse's head with flowing maneStitcher: Deborah Found-Bloodworth, Uxbridge, Middx, UK
In Progress

7.Https:// Arabian Horse - pattern by Anchor Stitcher: Jane Senior, Morecambe, UK
In Progress

8.Horses running Artecy Horses running. The pattern is too big so I would do a section of it mainly with the front two horses heads and some of the backgroundStitcher: Natalie Hardman, Lancashire , UK
In Progress

9.DMC pattern K3265 “Farmyard Fun” Shire HorseStitcher: Kate, Leics, UK
In Progress

10.By Well stitches from Etsy Silhouette of horse in bold colours Stitcher: Shirley, Worthing, Sussex, England
In Progress

11.DJStitches Colouful horses headStitcher: Nancy Lowe, Tamworth, UK
In Progress

12.World of cross stitching Silhouette of horse standing against a gate with hot air balloon in silhouette behindStitcher: Nicola, St Albans, UK
In Progress

13.Wox Two horses Stitcher: Audrey, Fife, Scotland
In Progress

14.Favourite Farm Animals by Angela Beazley (ISBN 1-85391-448-7) "Plough Horses" - 2 shire horses' heads drinking from a trough The actual pattern is white horses on blue aida but I will do them in browns so they show up!Stitcher: Pat Brown, Fareham, England
In Progress

15.Label Stitcher: Louise B, Surrey, UK
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 4th Nov 2017)


Card for Rudy S
Stitched by: Sandra

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