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Squares by Sarah, Southampton UK

Squares in progress:

1. Princess Jasmine for Chloe C (Deadline: 28 Jan 2018)
2. Planets in the sky for Robert B (Deadline: 28 Jan 2018)
3. Bezet, Matisse and Minou from the Aristocats for Ellie P (Deadline: 31 Jan 2018)
4. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bus, London Taxi, Policeman, Beefeater, Household Guards Soldier and a City Gent for Sadie H (Deadline: 25 Feb 2018)
5. Various horses from around the world for Rudy S (Deadline: 28 Feb 2018)

For Poppy W
(Theme: Musical Instruments)
Submitted: Oct 2017

For Arlo W
(Theme: Various Cartoon Characters)
Submitted: Oct 2017

For Jack M
(Theme: Superheroes)
Submitted: Oct 2017

For James M
(Theme: Horses and Dogs)
Submitted: Sep 2017

For Kyreese O
(Theme: Superheroes)
Submitted: Aug 2017

For Jessica R
(Theme: Princesses, Butterflies and Flowers)
Submitted: Aug 2017

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Quilts featuring Sarah's squares

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