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Squares by Jodi Maple, Niagara Park Australia

Squares in progress:

1. Minnie Mouse in Flower from LQ files for Naomi W (Deadline: 26 Mar 2020)
2. Rainbow Butterfly for Anaya Z (Deadline: 26 Apr 2020)
3. 2 Chocolate donuts. I Will add design of drink in a stripey cup with straw (from same designer) to background to increase overall design size for Riley T (Deadline: 26 May 2020)
4. Girl with umbrella in front of Eiffel Tower for Tai-Omi S (Deadline: 26 May 2020)
5. Happy Sloth hanging from branch from Etsy for Kian D (Deadline: 26 May 2020)

For Gareth M
(Theme: Historical)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Maci W
(Theme: Unicorns and llamas)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Tayler C
(Theme: Foxes)
Submitted: Nov 2019

For Aaron P
(Theme: Music)
Submitted: Nov 2019

For Ella R
(Theme: Fairies/butterflies/rainbows)
Submitted: Oct 2019

For Ella M
(Theme: Flowers and Butterflies)
Submitted: Sep 2019

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Quilts featuring Jodi Maple's squares

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