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Squares by Sarah, Gosport UK

Squares in progress:

1. Train sampler with jungle animals riding. Will change colours to make more blue. for Muhamed N (Deadline: 24 Feb 2021)
2. Dachshund head for Charlie R (Deadline: 26 Feb 2021)
3. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for Hunter C (Deadline: 26 Feb 2021)
4. Etsy Sherman Tank for Rory B (Deadline: 26 Feb 2021)
5. Electric guitar and amp - Etsy Happy Sloth for Ethan H (Deadline: 26 Mar 2021)

For Finley M
(Theme: Space)
Uploaded: 26th Oct 2020

For Felix C
(Theme: Thomas and Fun Vehicles)
Uploaded: 16th Oct 2020

For Jacob A
(Theme: Nursery Rhymes)
Uploaded: 16th Oct 2020

For Eleanor N
(Theme: Moons, stars, planet, rainbow, shooting stars)
Uploaded: 16th Oct 2020

For Spencer R
(Theme: Big cats)
Uploaded: 24th Aug 2020

For Martha-Rose
(Theme: Animals)
Uploaded: 18th Jul 2020

For Cameron F
(Theme: Nursery Rhymes)
Uploaded: 18th Jul 2020

For Blake M
(Theme: Ice Hockey)
Uploaded: 21st Jun 2020

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Quilts featuring Sarah's squares

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