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Squares by Sarah, Gosport UK

Squares in progress:

1. Lion knight by StitchingLand on Etsy for Gareth M (Deadline: 26 Mar 2020)
2. Fairy and squirrel with strawberries for Ayesha Z (Deadline: 26 Apr 2020)
3. Outline Map of France with a silhouette of Paris against a night sky. for Tai-Omi S (Deadline: 26 May 2020)
4. Keeper and goal for Blake M (Deadline: 26 Jun 2020)
5. Halley\'s Comet for Keaton W (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
6. Humpty Dumpty for Cameron F (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
7. Forward facing James from a Thomas the Tank Engine card set. Bought up to size with some motifs. for James M (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)
8. Mother and baby Fox for Martha-Rose (Deadline: 26 Jul 2020)

For Massine K
(Theme: Trains)
Submitted: Feb 2020

For Albie T
(Theme: Vehicles/Henry the Hoover)
Submitted: Feb 2020

For Jack H
(Theme: Alphabet and Numbers/Farm Animals)
Submitted: Feb 2020

For Tiegan G
(Theme: Soft furry animals)
Submitted: Feb 2020

For Lewis S
(Theme: Star Wars and Space)
Submitted: Jan 2020

For Jaxon
(Theme: Male Disney Characters)
Submitted: Jan 2020

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Quilts featuring Sarah's squares

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