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Squares by Elaine Dixon, Athens Greece

Squares in progress:

1. Label for Edward F (Deadline: 24 Feb 2023)
2. Label Label for Sofia C (Deadline: 26 Mar 2023)
3. Caterpillar Excavator By Jerry Van Horn for Ethan C (Deadline: 26 Mar 2023)

For Reuben C
(Theme: Monkeys and cartoon characters)
Uploaded: 18th Dec 2022

For Lillie D
(Theme: Lilies, Flamingoes and Princesses)
Uploaded: 6th Oct 2022

For Jamie
(Theme: Stars & Rainbows)
Uploaded: 28th Jul 2022

For Ellie R
(Theme: Disney Specific)
Uploaded: 28th Jul 2022

For Sophie B
(Theme: Dandelion clocks and motivational quotes)
Uploaded: 27th Feb 2022

For Bernard B
(Theme: British wildlife)
Uploaded: 8th Jan 2022

For Fern H
(Theme: Various)
Uploaded: 20th Sep 2021

For Anthony
(Theme: Soft animals)
Uploaded: 26th Aug 2021

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Quilts featuring Elaine Dixon's squares

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