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LoveQuiltsUK - Kaleesi's quilt

Kaleesi's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:August 2016
Illness: hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

Theme: Enchanted World

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Kaleesi

Theme details

Enchanted World - Unicorns, Crowns, a girly dragon, Queen/Princess

Child Interests

Crowns. Unicorns. Rainbows. Stars

Favourite colours are pink, silver, metallic gold and purple/ lilac.


Kaleesi was born at home during a peaceful water birth with no signs she would be born poorly Upon arrival, as her mum, I knew immediately she was not ok as she felt floppy and lifeless, the midwife quickly stepped in, instructed me out of the pool and started resucitation on our queen. We call her queen by nickname as Kaleesi is from a famous TV show with the name referencing the title queen, and Kaleesi has proved to us she too is a warrior queen!

My midwife prompted my husband to call 999 and get an ambulance fast, within minutes our midwife had Kaleesi breathing again, and we were transferred to our local hospital who then had Kaleesi transferred to the highest neonatal intensive care unit in the area. She was eligible for cooling due to hypoxia at birth and was put inside an incubator for 3 days where we could not touch or hold her. Her body had to go under hypothermic treatment to stop any secondary brain damage.

After 3 days she was gently re-warmed over a day or so and on the 7th day, a whole week after birth, we were allowed to hold her for the first time!

During the cooling process she suffered seizures continuously which was shown through daily EEGs. Day 5 she underwent an MRI scan which showed she had suffered blood clots on her brain and up until day 4 Kaleesi was in a pretty bad way, she wouldn't stir, cry or open her eyes all we had to do was trust the monitor that showed us her heart rate and oxygen levels.

She pulled through though despite some medics opinions and after coming out of her incubator at day 6 she needed a little help with oxygen as her levels were dipping and was back to breathing unassisted a day later!

Finally she was crying, opening her eyes and looking at us and moving. We finally felt relieved but her future was unknown to us.

Kaleesi finally left NICU at day 12 of life and got to come home to her sisters who met her for the first time the next morning.

A few months later after a professor had read the MRI she prompted testing for blood clotting conditions which confirmed she carried a rare blood clotting disorder which caused the stroke at birth.

Kaleesi is so far doing really well, she is finally walking, she is hard of hearing due to severe glue ear so has hearing aids for now and is getting there slowly with speech. She is our little miracle warrior queen!

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