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Squares by Roberta H, King's Lynn England

Squares in progress:

1. Mulan in oval frame for Maisy G (Deadline: 26 Jan 2023)
2. Olaf for Jessica G (Deadline: 26 Jan 2023)

For Ellie S
(Theme: Disney Princesses)
Uploaded: 29th Aug 2022

For Maxine
(Theme: Woodland animals and dogs)
Uploaded: 19th Jun 2022

For Ffion W
(Theme: Frozen characters and other Disney Princesses)
Uploaded: 10th May 2022

For Bailey F
(Theme: Doctor Who)
Uploaded: 10th Dec 2021

For Noah N
(Theme: Animals - Wild/Jungle)
Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2021

For Jorja B
(Theme: Frozen characters and Mr Tumble)
Uploaded: 20th Jun 2021

For William R
(Theme: Mickey Mouse and Star Wars)
Uploaded: 10th Apr 2021

For Rhea C
(Theme: Owls)
Uploaded: 7th Nov 2020

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Quilts featuring Roberta H's squares

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