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Squares by Roberta H, King's Lynn England

Squares in progress:

1. Tan puppy with darker muzzle sitting on grass for Dylan E (Deadline: 26 Aug 2019)
2. Tinkerbell sitting on a leaf with a pink flower underneath for Mollie H (Deadline: 26 Aug 2019)
3. Mater from pixar cars for Harrison H (Deadline: 26 Aug 2019)
4. Cartoon Owl just landed on grass with leaves around it for Nathan W (Deadline: 26 Sep 2019)
5. Wall-e for Finley C (Deadline: 26 Sep 2019)

For Niva P
(Theme: Animals)
Submitted: Apr 2019

For Kaleesi
(Theme: Enchanted World)
Submitted: Feb 2019

For Jack B
(Theme: Disney)
Submitted: Nov 2018

For Zach B
(Theme: Trains)
Submitted: Jun 2018

For Grace-Ellie J
(Theme: Unicorns/Rabbits/Flower fairies/Hearts)
Submitted: May 2018

For Rebecca-Louise
(Theme: Female Disney Characters)
Submitted: Mar 2018

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Quilts featuring Roberta H's squares

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