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Squares by Kayleigh Oldfield , Morley, Leeds UK

Squares in progress:

1. London motifs including a soldier, bus, flag, big Ben, black cab & telephone box for Isaac B (Deadline: 31 Oct 2017)

For Libby C
(Theme: Owls)
Submitted: May 2016

For Elsie E
(Theme: Dance)
Submitted: May 2016

For Alice-Mai
(Theme: Fairies, Unicorns and Magic)
Submitted: May 2016

For Malachi L
(Theme: Vehicles)
Submitted: May 2016

For Molly-Blue
(Theme: Minnie and hearts)
Submitted: Mar 2016

For Alfie M
(Theme: Sealife)
Submitted: Mar 2016

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Quilts featuring Kayleigh Oldfield 's squares

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