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Squares by Nisha Chauhan, Leicester UK

Squares in progress:

1. Rudolph (cross stitch doubled up). for Daniel P (Deadline: 26 Mar 2020)
2. Various Travelling motifs. for Toby D (Deadline: 26 Mar 2020)

For Amber P
(Theme: Music, seals/sea lions, koalas and art items)
Submitted: Dec 2019

For Madeleine A
(Theme: Animals)
Submitted: Dec 2019

For Esmé L
(Theme: Pink cute animals)
Submitted: Oct 2019

For Charlie G
(Theme: Vehicles)
Submitted: Oct 2019

For Evelyn K
(Theme: Flowers and Fairies)
Submitted: Oct 2019

For Kobi B
(Theme: Animals)
Submitted: Aug 2019

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Quilts featuring Nisha Chauhan's squares

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