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Squares by Nicky, Mytchett UK

Squares in progress:

1. ‘Find Your Wings’ Circle of butterflies. for Poppy E (Deadline: 26 Dec 2021)
2. A brightly coloured fish. for Zayn (Deadline: 26 Dec 2021)
3. ‘Reach for the Stars’ for Mason A (Deadline: 29 Dec 2021)
4. Tiger. for Fraser H (Deadline: 26 Jan 2022)
5. Blue butterfly with realistic flowers for Katie R (Deadline: 26 Feb 2022)

For Phoenix R
(Theme: Scuba diving and the sea)
Uploaded: 20th Sep 2021

For D
(Theme: Sloths)
Uploaded: 20th Sep 2021

For Miley D
(Theme: Woodland animals)
Uploaded: 9th Aug 2021

For Isabel B
(Theme: Rainbows)
Uploaded: 9th Aug 2021

For Sophie E
(Theme: Fairies)
Uploaded: 29th Jul 2021

For Penelope P
(Theme: Rabbits)
Uploaded: 18th Jul 2021

For Jodie-Leigh
(Theme: Various)
Uploaded: 30th Jun 2021

For Dade H
(Theme: Vehicles)
Uploaded: 20th Jun 2021

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Quilts featuring Nicky's squares

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