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Squares by Emma Swift, Aberdeen UK

Squares in progress:

1. Skull and crossbones - skull wearing red bandana for Oscar J (Deadline: 28 Mar 2018)
2. Red football with "I love football" written underneath for Tyler H (Deadline: 28 Mar 2018)
3. Superman S on a blue background for Spencer J (Deadline: 31 Mar 2018)
4. Design featuring animals (giraffe, bird), balloons and numbers for Finnan (Deadline: 31 Mar 2018)
5. Bright blue rocket taking off against a dark blue space background (circular design) for Cian R (Deadline: 31 Mar 2018)

For Daniel R 2
(Theme: Penguins)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For Ruby M
(Theme: Cats/fairies/butterflies)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For Calla C
(Theme: Hearts and Unicorns)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For Jacob L
(Theme: Racing cars)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For Ellie P
(Theme: Cats, Butterflies and Hearts)
Submitted: Dec 2017

For Wynter-Rose
(Theme: Dragons)
Submitted: Oct 2017

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Quilts featuring Emma Swift's squares

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