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Squares by Elaine Martin, Birkenhead, Wirral UK

Squares in progress:

1. 3 Mickeys from the Aldi kits... Will do an original 90 year old,a middle and a modern one. for Alex C (Deadline: 26 Apr 2019)
2. A selection of dinosaurs probably four. I will select which ones when other squares have been signed up for. There are ten different dinos to choose from. for Charlie L (Deadline: 26 Apr 2019)
3. A few different tinkerbell poses from an old Baby Camila magazine for Jacob R (Deadline: 26 May 2019)

For Seren W
(Theme: Fairies and Hearts)
Submitted: Dec 2018

For Lillie S
(Theme: Disney)
Submitted: Dec 2018

For Tilleasha
(Theme: Fairies and Unicorns)
Submitted: Dec 2018

For Nihaal T
(Theme: Sports Cars (other cars if not enough patterns!))
Submitted: Dec 2018

For Katie S
(Theme: Disney Characters)
Submitted: Dec 2018

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Quilts featuring Elaine Martin's squares

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